Finally New Food Containers!!

So, for anyone who knows me, you know that I am at the hospital often.  I am often stuck eating gross hospital food.  My fiance is nice enough to bring me food.  For a while, he was bringing me the food in these clear containers with a flimsy lid.  The food would fall out, and moisture would always build up in the containers.  It made it hard to eat it.  I mean, who wants to eat soggy food?

Well, I recently purchased these new food containers off of Amazon (I know, I’m an Amazon junkie).  They are seriously the best food containers I’ve ever had.  So, I threw out all of my old ones!  The lids are very sturdy and SECURE.  In fact, they’re so secure that they’re even a little difficult to remove at times.  The food stays fresh, and there is no moisture buildup.  This set that you see here on Amazon is by #MyLeftovers, and they’re currently on sale for $16.99.  The set comes with 15 large containers with lids and 10 sauce/ dip bowls with lids.

The best part about these containers is that they’re BPA-Free and microwave safe!!  That’s a huge bonus!

Although I purchased these at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest, unbiased review, I would highly recommend these containers to anyone.


Found These Awesome Food Containers!

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of putting food in Ziploc bags, or having flour go bad.  I’ve used food containers in the past, but they were difficult to finagle with.  I finally found an awesome set on Amazon, here.  

The picture makes it seem like you’re only getting 2 compartments, but no, you actually get 4 in total. There are 2 containers, each having a divider! Amazing! I used one for white rice in one half and brown rice in the other half. I used the second one for past in one half and beans in the other half.

I love the top blue part that slides so that you can pour out your food.

These containers make your staple foods stay fresher longer. The plastic is of high quality. The lid goes on extremely securely. There was not plastic smell. I made sure to wash mine prior to using it, to assure that it was clean. Make sure you dry it before putting dry food in there, or else it will put moisture in the container, which will defeat the purpose. The purpose of this container is to allow dry food to stay dry and fresh. Having it air tight is what helps it stay fresh.

There are so many things you could put in these containers. Like I said, I used pasta, beans, and rice, but I thought of a more enhanced ist as to what you could use below:
-brown sugar, possibly, if it doesn’t sift through the divider
-coffee bean!!!!!!!!!!
-tea bags
-tea leaves
-dry cat or dog food
-bird seed
-dehydrated fruit
-Chex Mix or another snack
-hard pretzels
– and lots more!

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I hope my review has been helpful. Everything I have stated is 100% my words. If you have any questions regarding my experience, please don’t hesitate to comment below!

Seafood Eating Made Easy!!

If you love seafood as much as I do, then you certainly should invest in a seafood eating kit.  I found a great one on Amazon, called the #RatnikSeafoodKit.
This kit consists of 8 pieces:  4 forks, 2 dipping trays, and 2 crackers.  You may also use the crackers to crack nuts as well.

I think this is a good item to use if on a budget.  They are not of extremely high quality, but they are durable.  (They’re not stainless steel, but they work fine.)  I will be using the forks with mussels and clams, since I eat them often.

I used them on mussels the other day, and they worked perfectly.  I also ate crab last week, and they were exactly what I needed!  I can’t say the crackers are the best I’ve ever used, but they’re durable and decent!



Beautiful Romantic Evening :)

So I decided to have a romantic candlelight dinner / evening with my fiance.

First, we made chicken francese together.  Let me tell you, this was by far the best chicken I’ve ever eaten.  Here’s what we did:

Slice the chicken breast thin like how you’d buy thin-cut chicken at the store. Dip chicken in egg and then flour.  Saute the chicken with some fresh chopped garlic in olive oil and butter (don’t substitute that combo) in a skillet until the chicken is golden brown.    Next, drain the chicken on paper towels.  Wipe the skillet dry of any oils.  Then, add the chicken back to the skillet.  Put in some white wine (I used the cheap ShopRite cooking wine and it worked really well).  Put on some onion powder, black pepper, and paprika.  Then, add sliced lemon and fresh parsley leaves.  Simmer longer.

Notice how I didn’t use any measurements for the recipe.  Yeah, sorry about that! I just usually wing it.  You really can’t mess it up, and you can just adjust the ratios to your liking.

Anyway, I had bought this really amazing hanging tea light candle off of Amazon.   I decided to use it for the first time tonight.  I thought at first when I bought it that I wouldn’t really get much use out of it.  (I bought it because we’ve been having power outages this summer, and did not have a lantern!)  However, I realized, DUH!… we can use it to light candles in it just because!  So, I decided to eat by candlelight.   This made the evening so romantic.  Here is the tealight candle:  Buy here!

It’s so elegant, isn’t it?  After dinner, my fiance pulled out a red carpet and took me into the bathtub where he had tons of rose petals waiting for me.  Okay, I made those last parts up.  That would have been sweet though, right?!

Blush Bath Bomb Set!

This beautiful, lavish, luxurious Blush bath bomb set makes the perfect gift for someone who loves taking baths.

I tried 2 of the bath bombs so far. I love them! The smells are to die for! The lavender is my favorite.

Each bomb comes individually wrapped in nice tissue paper and sealed. There is a nice cloth with a textured surface to clean. Talk about pampering yourself!

After I took a bath, I felt very refreshed and smelled really nice. It was so relaxing, too!

The gift set comes in a very elegant, fancy box, which is then wrapped in plastic shrink wrap. This means you can give it as a gift.

These bombs are so beautiful, too. If you want to pamper yourself or buy someone something to have them relax, this is surely the way to go!

You can purchase this set on Amazon by clicking here!

I purchased these bath bombs at a discounted rate, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I take great pride in the integrity of my reviews. I hope I have been helpful.

Yet Another SimpliFine Product I Love!

I am amazed at the quality of SimpliFine’s products.  I bought another item last week, a silicone spatula set, found here:  Silicone Spatula Set!

I absolutely love these!   So far I have used them to bake cookies (mixing in the bowl) and on a frying pan, mixing crystallized sugar (something you would do to make candy, caramel, or some food bases).  You can blend ingredients, scrape the bowl, or use these to cook.

The BEST feature of these spatulas is that they can be used with very high heats!  That means that you can cook on a frying pan with them and stir food gently.

They are very durable, and they won’t bend or break.   They won’t melt, as they have a heat tolerance of probably much higher than you’ll ever use cooking!

Giving these as a gift would be ideal.  I happened to need spatulas, so I bought them for myself at a discounted rate, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

The packaging is lovely… very elegant, professional, and nothing cheap.

I totally recommend these to anyone who loves to cook, or even for people who sporadically cook!  They will really come in handy!



SimpliFine Silicone Baking Mats

Well, everyone knows how excited I get over new items that just blow my mind.  Well, I recently purchased these SimpliFine (TM) silicone baking mats off of Amazon, and I am amazed it took this long for these things to come to the market!  Where have they been?!  My mom had gotten one for Christmas, and I needed to try them for myself.


This is literally the most time-saving product I’ve ever purchased.  You don’t even realize just how much time you spend washing dishes and preparing to cook foods, when it could all be bypassed by using a silicone baking mat.

I have 3 ovens at home:  a NuWave oven, a toaster oven, and a regular sized standard oven.  This set includes 3 set of mats, all different sizes.  I was able to fit the small size in the NuWave and my toaster oven. As for the larger 2 sizes, I put them in my regular oven.

You could use these mats to bake or broil so many different items.  I thought of some cool ideas below of what you can do with them:

**Baking cookies:  This is actually what I think they work best for.  You don’t even need a cooling rack.  They don’t stick.  NO oil or butter coating is needed.

**Baking asparagus.  I put a little oil on the asparagus but that’s just so they don’t burn.

**Baking scallions:  Yes, these are declicious!  Many people don’t even think to bake scallions.  I have done it plenty of times, and I love it!  I actually bake them until they’re crispy and shrink.  I suggest adding some oil spray or water on top, though.

**Baking frozen pizza, waffles, pancakes, and pretzels.

**Placing the mat underneath of other items in case they spill over.

**Get creative!  Anything you would typically use a  baking sheet for, can be replaced using these mats.

Oh, and weirdly, I love the smell.  (I know that’s really odd, but I always love the smell of silicone and plastic.)  The feel and texture is also so cool too.

These come designed and manufactured very well.  They are very durable and wash off easily, too.

Even though I got these for a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I still would recommend them to anyone who is looking for hassle-free cooking!

These mats make the perfect gift!  Or, you can just buy them for yourself, to save time & hassle!

Here is the product in case you’re looking to purchase this! Buy here!

The Importance of Opinions

It is pretty obvious to many people why we have opinions.  But have you ever really contemplated about the topic of opinions in other angles?   Many people take opinions for granted.

Let’s say that you hear someone state their opinion, and you disagree.  Depending on your personality type, how passionately you feel about the topic, how right or wrong you feel the person’s opinion is, your mood, and some other factors, you may do one of many things.  You may (1) automatically get defensive and try to disprove that person’s opinion, (2) rationally state your opinion without bashing their opinion, but kindly stating that you disagree, (3) try to persuade the person into believing your opinion without getting too defensive, (4) not consider their opinion at all, (5) consider their opinion because you believe everything people say, (6) consider their opinion because you have respect for that person in particular because he / she is a highly credible source, or (7) automatically assume that the other person is incorrect because you have held onto your opinion for so long.  Of course there are plenty more reaction possibilities, but these are just some broad examples.  If you were to disagree with this person, of course your reaction would probably be different based on the varying factors mentioned.  But in my opinion, we should develop a mature, reasonable way to react to others’ opinions.


  • Even if someone is pushy, you don’t need to be pushy back.  Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right.  (Granted, that is if being pushy is “wrong”… that’s another story.)  I wouldn’t recommend being over-bearing on stating your opinion, but rather simply stating why you feel the way you do.
  • Listen to the other person’s opinion, no matter how wrong you think it may be.  Even if you have a bias opinion about the person, even the opinion is not coming from a credible source, or even if you totally disagree with the person, hear them out!  Ask them why they feel the way they do.  Often times you will actually learn something from them, regardless if their opinion is not the same as yours.  You may start considering hypothetical scenarios that you otherwise wouldn’t have considered if you listen to them thoroughly.  Even if they sound like an idiot, we may still learn from that person.   That probably sounds like an oxy moron of some sort, but we can actually learn from those opinions that we find totally off base.  You may be wondering, how do we learn from these people?  Well, just think… often times we form our own opinions solely on hearing so many angles to a topic, and we use process of elimination to form our own opinion.  For example, if someone were to say to you, “Penelope is such an ugly girl,” it’s a fact that they find Penelope ugly (unless they’re lying), but the concept of that person finding Penelope ugly is an opinion.  Maybe you had never contemplated Penelope’s appearance before.  So you stop to think… and you think some more… and you say, “No, Penelope is not ugly.  She is attractive.”  And you just formed your own opinion because someone else encouraged you to think about their opinion and you realized you felt opposite then them on the matter.  Another example is as follows:  Someone says to you that chocolate tastes better than vanilla.  Let’s say you love both chocolate and vanilla, but maybe you like chocolate a little bit more.  So because they say that opinion to you, it gets you to think about your own opinion.    You see, so there is nothing wrong with someone having their own opinion.  In fact, it may help us in some cases.  However, there is a fine line between being rude and stating your opinion, as described below.
  • When you state your opinion, try not to be too offensive.  Try to avoid criticizing someone, directly or indirectly.  For example, let’s say you’re talking to your male friend Paul, who wears velcro sneakers most of the time.  And you say, “I think it’s ugly when men wear Velcro sneakers.”  Depending on Paul’s personality, he may or may not take offense.  Plus, it depends on how you state your opinion.  Tone is everything when it comes to statements like these.  If you say it in a playful manner, there’s probably a better chance Paul won’t take offense.
  • Consider others’ opinions on all topics and listen thoroughly.  I don’t think it is wise to just cut the person off, just because you feel your opinion is ‘correct’.  Your opinion can actually morph if you’re more open-minded and receptive to others’ opinions!  That is, unless you are adamant on your opinion so much that you just won’t change it no matter what.   If you listen to someone else’s opinion, it may help form your own.  Sometimes we don’t know how we think about a topic until we are asked!  And sometimes we don’t know how we feel about a topic until we hear a ridiculous opinion from someone else… it kind us enables us to process their opinion and say “no way!”Here is a good example:  Consider abortion.  Is it ethical?  Is it moral?  This is an obviously long-standing debate, and it’s no wonder.  There are both good points from both ends of the spectrum.  About 20 years ago, around the age of 10, if you asked me if abortion was ethical in any situation, I’d say NO.  That’s because I had not considered many other hypothetical situations that come into play when dealing with such a touchy topic.  I used to say that abortion was so wrong!  Now, I say that it is wrong in many cases.  But I would find exceptions to the rule!  I think, just like any rule, there are always exceptions.  What if the mother learns during pregnancy that she will die if the baby is born?  Should she abort or keep the baby?  I could understand if the mother decided to abort in this case.  The problem with abortion being legal is that it influences people to use it as a back-up precaution to not have a baby.  But that’s just my opinion.  I am pro-choice, but only to an extent.  I think that there needs to be extenuating circumstances involved to warrant an abortion.   I’d say abortion is also understandable when dealing with a woman who is raped, or a woman who finds she will give birth to a baby that has a tragic, debilitating terminal disease.  But where do we draw the line?  Are many females who abort regretful of their decision because of abortion being legal, they feel it is more justified to use as back-up?  But when dealing with the abortion controversy, the issue is usually centered around whether or not an embryo has feelings.  Without getting to scientifically involved in this subject, I would argue that anything is okay given the right circumstances.  But one should not justify their actions.  We should not rely too heavily on an abortion being there “just in case”.  I think with abortion being legal in the USA, it lures many females in to getting an abortion. Now, we should be able to control our temptation, but if something is legal, sometimes people are more inclined to think it is “okay” to do it, since the law says you can.    Anyway, back to what I was saying before I got way off topic:  I used to believe that it was never okay to abort in any circumstance.  But then someone said to me, “What if the baby will be born with a horrible disease?”  And then my opinion changed, just like that!   And then for a while I was pro-choice, no matter any situation.   Perhaps, just like any issue, a person could have one opinion about something, until something in their life happens that makes their opinion shift slightly or change completely.  Just think of a topic that you had an opinion on, that when someone posed some questions to you, your opinion gradually morphed somewhat and you said, “Well in that case…”  This brings us to the point:
  • Ask questions.  Sometimes if you already have your opinion formed about a topic, doesn’t mean you can’t add to your opinion or strengthen your opinion.  Sometimes by asking others why they feel the way they do, you may learn from them.  You may even help them form or strengthen their opinion.  However, take pride in your opinion if you’re passionate about it.  Don’t be too easily brainwashed or easily manipulated! If you hear someone’s opinion, make sure you rationalize why you want to agree with it.  If you can’t find substance to agree, don’t haphazardly agree.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  But one suggestion is that you should form your opinions based on concrete beliefs from experience and validity, not just based off of bias views, or personal agendas.  Sometimes opposing views can help validate and reinforce why we have the opinions we already have.  Or, in other cases, our opinions may shift.And the oxy moron here is that my opinion is that you should do that… which then, is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt if you’d like!!  No harm done!

Sometimes people will state their opinion as factual.  I guess if someone truly “knows” their opinion as fact, then perhaps in their mind it is a fact, or maybe it is fact, but there is a fine line between fact and opinion in many cases.  If someone says, “I think that the sky will be green tomorrow,” that is a fact that he or she thinks that, unless they’re lying, but it’s an opinion that the sky will be green tomorrow.   But what if they somehow know it will be green?  (Yeah, that’s so far-fetched, I know.)  So this topic becomes a paradox, because this could just go back and forth forever.  Who knows if someone can really know something as factual?  Is everything we think a mere opinion?  Or do we ever really know anything?  I know that sounds crazy, but just look at how many theories and even topics argued as “factual” have been debunked.  I could say to you, “I have brown hair.”  That may be a fact, but do I really know I have brown hair?  Well, the short answer is “of course!”  I know that when I look in the mirror that is what I see, so that would be factual… until, someone proves otherwise.  I know, it sounds silly, but perhaps we may never know anything 100%.  Heck, sometimes I don’t even know if we’re all really here or if we’re just a part of someone else’s dream. Just kidding:)  But who knows… that could be a possibility.  Maybe the “truths” will be revealed in the end.  This poses another issue, phenomenons   Do they exist?  Well, let’s just say that you flip a penny 100 times and every single time it lands on its edge (the 2 millimeter edge).  Yeah, that sounds so unrealistic.  But… what if it actually happened?!  I know that would seem nearly impossible, but I believe in phenomenons.   But that would be more of a case on probability, not so much phenomena;  however, it would seem surreal for that to occur.  Another example is that someone claims to have gotten beat up by the NJ Devil (the urban legend).  What if this devil did exist?  Don’t worry, I don’t think that these things do exist, but if it happened, I wouldn’t be surprised, and I am open minded to almost any possibilities in this world.  I’m not gullible either.  I may come across as gullible if I believed something so crazy-sounding.  But things aren’t always what they seem.  I really am just that open-minded.  I have had a series of bizarre things happen to me, so I think that is why I am more inclined to believe others’ crazy stories.  When I was just a child, I was taught in school about opinion vs. fact, as most of us are.  I always took a liking to that topic, but it wasn’t until I was in my mid twenties that I began questioning what is factual.  I know what people want to hear about what is factual. But honestly, what is factual?  The laws of science state that if something is done a significant amount of times with the same reaction, it becomes a law of science, or pretty much a fact.  But what if some phenomenon occurred that defied laws of science?  Then was it ever factual?  Is anything ever truly proven?  If we can see it, taste it, feel it, and so forth, is that all we need?  Or do we require more to prove?  Of course, it would be obvious to many that our senses, logic, reasoning, and education will help prove something.  But being open-minded enough may have you questioning if even that is enough at times.   Now, I’m not some skeptic who just goes around trying to disprove things.  In fact, I just say, “It is what it is.”  But,  I don’t go around believing everything either.

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