SimpliFine Silicone Baking Mats

Well, everyone knows how excited I get over new items that just blow my mind.  Well, I recently purchased these SimpliFine (TM) silicone baking mats off of Amazon, and I am amazed it took this long for these things to come to the market!  Where have they been?!  My mom had gotten one for Christmas, and I needed to try them for myself.


This is literally the most time-saving product I’ve ever purchased.  You don’t even realize just how much time you spend washing dishes and preparing to cook foods, when it could all be bypassed by using a silicone baking mat.

I have 3 ovens at home:  a NuWave oven, a toaster oven, and a regular sized standard oven.  This set includes 3 set of mats, all different sizes.  I was able to fit the small size in the NuWave and my toaster oven. As for the larger 2 sizes, I put them in my regular oven.

You could use these mats to bake or broil so many different items.  I thought of some cool ideas below of what you can do with them:

**Baking cookies:  This is actually what I think they work best for.  You don’t even need a cooling rack.  They don’t stick.  NO oil or butter coating is needed.

**Baking asparagus.  I put a little oil on the asparagus but that’s just so they don’t burn.

**Baking scallions:  Yes, these are declicious!  Many people don’t even think to bake scallions.  I have done it plenty of times, and I love it!  I actually bake them until they’re crispy and shrink.  I suggest adding some oil spray or water on top, though.

**Baking frozen pizza, waffles, pancakes, and pretzels.

**Placing the mat underneath of other items in case they spill over.

**Get creative!  Anything you would typically use a  baking sheet for, can be replaced using these mats.

Oh, and weirdly, I love the smell.  (I know that’s really odd, but I always love the smell of silicone and plastic.)  The feel and texture is also so cool too.

These come designed and manufactured very well.  They are very durable and wash off easily, too.

Even though I got these for a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I still would recommend them to anyone who is looking for hassle-free cooking!

These mats make the perfect gift!  Or, you can just buy them for yourself, to save time & hassle!

Here is the product in case you’re looking to purchase this! Buy here!


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