Blush Bath Bomb Set!

This beautiful, lavish, luxurious Blush bath bomb set makes the perfect gift for someone who loves taking baths.

I tried 2 of the bath bombs so far. I love them! The smells are to die for! The lavender is my favorite.

Each bomb comes individually wrapped in nice tissue paper and sealed. There is a nice cloth with a textured surface to clean. Talk about pampering yourself!

After I took a bath, I felt very refreshed and smelled really nice. It was so relaxing, too!

The gift set comes in a very elegant, fancy box, which is then wrapped in plastic shrink wrap. This means you can give it as a gift.

These bombs are so beautiful, too. If you want to pamper yourself or buy someone something to have them relax, this is surely the way to go!

You can purchase this set on Amazon by clicking here!

I purchased these bath bombs at a discounted rate, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I take great pride in the integrity of my reviews. I hope I have been helpful.


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