Yet Another SimpliFine Product I Love!

I am amazed at the quality of SimpliFine’s products.  I bought another item last week, a silicone spatula set, found here:  Silicone Spatula Set!

I absolutely love these!   So far I have used them to bake cookies (mixing in the bowl) and on a frying pan, mixing crystallized sugar (something you would do to make candy, caramel, or some food bases).  You can blend ingredients, scrape the bowl, or use these to cook.

The BEST feature of these spatulas is that they can be used with very high heats!  That means that you can cook on a frying pan with them and stir food gently.

They are very durable, and they won’t bend or break.   They won’t melt, as they have a heat tolerance of probably much higher than you’ll ever use cooking!

Giving these as a gift would be ideal.  I happened to need spatulas, so I bought them for myself at a discounted rate, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

The packaging is lovely… very elegant, professional, and nothing cheap.

I totally recommend these to anyone who loves to cook, or even for people who sporadically cook!  They will really come in handy!




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