Beautiful Romantic Evening :)

So I decided to have a romantic candlelight dinner / evening with my fiance.

First, we made chicken francese together.  Let me tell you, this was by far the best chicken I’ve ever eaten.  Here’s what we did:

Slice the chicken breast thin like how you’d buy thin-cut chicken at the store. Dip chicken in egg and then flour.  Saute the chicken with some fresh chopped garlic in olive oil and butter (don’t substitute that combo) in a skillet until the chicken is golden brown.    Next, drain the chicken on paper towels.  Wipe the skillet dry of any oils.  Then, add the chicken back to the skillet.  Put in some white wine (I used the cheap ShopRite cooking wine and it worked really well).  Put on some onion powder, black pepper, and paprika.  Then, add sliced lemon and fresh parsley leaves.  Simmer longer.

Notice how I didn’t use any measurements for the recipe.  Yeah, sorry about that! I just usually wing it.  You really can’t mess it up, and you can just adjust the ratios to your liking.

Anyway, I had bought this really amazing hanging tea light candle off of Amazon.   I decided to use it for the first time tonight.  I thought at first when I bought it that I wouldn’t really get much use out of it.  (I bought it because we’ve been having power outages this summer, and did not have a lantern!)  However, I realized, DUH!… we can use it to light candles in it just because!  So, I decided to eat by candlelight.   This made the evening so romantic.  Here is the tealight candle:  Buy here!

It’s so elegant, isn’t it?  After dinner, my fiance pulled out a red carpet and took me into the bathtub where he had tons of rose petals waiting for me.  Okay, I made those last parts up.  That would have been sweet though, right?!


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